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A panel “Digital Economy: Now or Right Away?” was held within Infofest

Organized by the Digital Transformation Committee of the Association of Montenegrin Managers and the ICT Committee of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro on Friday 05.10. a panel on the topic DIGITAL ECONOMY was held: Now or right now?

Dilema without dilemma and the imperative of digital present and future. The panel, which was organized within the framework of the program content of the International Festival of Informatics Achievements INFOFEST 2018 in Budva, was aimed at confirming or disputing this statement. Panelists were experts in areas of importance for digital transformation, ie digital economy:

– prof. Dr Vujica Lazovic, professor at the Faculty of Economics and the Ambassador of Montenegro in Slovenia, former Minister of Information Society and Telecommunications and author of the book “Digital Economy“;

– Radoje Cerović, business consultant, an expert in psychology of communication, clinical psychologist and

– Dejan Abazović, State Secretary in MJU and expert in the field of information technology with a wide range of knowledge in the field of digital transformation.

A particularly important segment of digital transformation is the digital economy, ie digital business of companies. Digitalization of the company increases their efficiency, productivity and profit as the final goal of business.

Panelists, from their perspective, gave answers whether we are ready to step through the digital economy and why we are not yet, will we catch the “last wagon” on this road? All the panelists agreed we should join NOW and RIGHT AWAY. The goal of the panel was to highlight all the developmental and sociological aspects that accelerate or hinder us on the way to the digital economy and stimulate the participants to actively promote the axiom of its irrelevance and necessity.

Professor Lazović exposed the principles of digital economy, our position in the digital world, and compared the situation in Montenegro with one in Slovenia, where he is currently an ambassador, and which is the regional leader in digital transformation.

Radoje Cerović tried to bring the participants closer to the reasons of Montenegrin traditionalism and slower acceptance of digital changes, Dejan Abazović talked about state administration plans related to the introduction and standardization of e-services, national identification document, etc.

The rating of all present is that the panel has met expectations and proved the imperative of the way to the digital economy. The assessment of the attendees is that it is necessary to continue with similar sessions as many questions from this field have been opened, each of which could be a separate topic.
ODT AMM and ICT Committee PKCG will continue to organize similar events in the future.

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