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Caux Round Table Global Dialogue Executive Committee appointed president of the Association of Montenegrin Managers, Mr. Budimir Raickovic for their representative of Southeast Europe.

On the proposal of the Executive Director of the CRT Global Dialogue, Dr. Stephen B. Young, the Executive Board has appointed Mr. Raickovic as their representative for Southeast Europe (Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania).

The first Global Dialogue was held in 1986 in Caux – Switzerland, and was dedicated to the discussion of the tensions in the world, ever since bears the name of the Caux Round Table Global Dialogue.

CRT is a network of senior business leaders from around the world who are committed to free, fair and prosperous global society based on the principles of moral capitalism and accountable governments.

Caux Round Table, inter alia, consider the following questions:

  • the greatest challenges for the world business community;
  • principles of responsible business;
  • principles of responsible government;
  • principles of non-governmental sector;
  • good governance and fundamental human rights;
  • new UN sustainable development goals.

The appointment of Mr. Raickovic, by a global network of business leaders, presents recognition to many business and social activities and results achieved by the Association so far. CRT also congratulated for successfull organizationof the first Congress of the European Managers and formation of the Association of Managers of Southeast Europe (AMSEE).