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The Association of Montenegrin Managers organizes and strengthens the HR community

It is important to strengthen the awareness of companies and institutions about the importance of Human Resources Management (HR) and the importance of the HR profession in Montenegro – it was evaluated at the II HR Meet UP, organized by the Association of Montenegrin Managers.


On Thursday 31th May 2018, II HR Meet UP was organized by the Association of Managers of Montenegro in cooperation with HR Partners.

The event was attended by managers of the HR sector of big Montenegrin companies and institutions, as well as representatives of the Human Resources Management Authority, with the aim of further strengthening and affirmation of the HR community of Montenegro.

The gathering took place under the motto: Organizations do business, and people work and produce results!

It has been estimated that in Montenegro it is important to strengthen the awareness of companies and institutions about the importance of Human Resource Management (HR) and the importance of the HR profession, which directly contributes to increasing the performance of employees and strengthening corporate culture.

The Executive Director of the Association of Montenegrin Managers, Anđela Radosavović, said that the AMM has focused its attention on the importance of human resources, and for that purpose, formed the Board for HR, Training and Education. “It is indisputable that the AMM has become an institution that is the bearer of the story of the necessity for a quality organization of the HR community as well as the generator and implementer of quality ideas and projects” – Radosavović pointed out, adding that the Association through its activities promotes and constantly works on improving leadership and managerial skills and knowledge.

The President of the AMM Board for HR, Training and Education, Veliša Stamatović, said that every story about business and success is a story about people and human potentials. “Every euro invested in people’s development is a multiple-payable investment.”

The Director of Human Resources Department at Mercator MNE, Sonja Rakočević, said that employers and employees have numerous prejudices about the importance of this profession and the role of HR services in companies. Rakočević pointed out that HR is a craft that you need to learn and that requires years of experience, but also that there is a lack of awareness about the importance of investing in people’s development.

The Assistant Director of Human Resources Management Authority, Jadranka Đurković, said that they will implement an accreditation education program for acquiring skills for occupation “HR manager”, starting from September until December of the current year, in which, she explained, Association of Montenegrin Managers will participate as a partner.

The third panelist at this gathering, Zoran Soknić, HR business partner at Pivara Trebjesa, spoke about the motivation of the employees which is a precondition for high productivity and individual performance. The task of genuine HR professionals is to discover what drives and motivates people to achieve the best results.

The Director of Development at HR Partners, Mirjana Maslovar, reminded that recently the list of the 100 biggest ones in Montenegro has been officially published. “Today we talk about the best ones. It is true that there was not any campaigns to precede and that we do not have the official rankings of the best employers in Montenegro, but it is also true that without HR professionals and human resources, there is no successful or sustainable business”, Maslovar said.

Topics of this year’s HR Meet Up were: Range and limitations of HR profession in the Montenegrin business environment; Labor market and business ethics; Supply and demand of consulting services on the local market as well as new HR tools.

 It was estimated that HR support business development as well as the corporate governance culture, the growing need of all, regardless of whether it is a small, medium or large enterprise. At the same time it is the mission of the AMM to carry out activities, to organize quality community of HR under its roof, as its integral and strategic part. 

In the end, all participants were awarded with the AMM Certificates, which gave them the recognition for their active participation in creating a stronger and more organized HR community within the Association of Montenegrin Managers.