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Outstanding competition for the most prestigious business award in Montenegro

Public competition for “Choice of Most Successful Managers and Entrepreneurs in 2018” of the Association of Montenegrin Managers was officially concluded on February 18th.

A total of 249 proposals were received to the AMM’s address, of which 82 were accepted.

Such a large number of nominations but also accepted candidacies indicate that the business community recognized the importance of affirmation of results and gave a prominent prestige to the business award granted by the profession.

The support to awarding annual awards to the most successful managers and entrepreneurs is given by the Government of Montenegro, the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, the Council of Foreign Investors of Montenegro, the Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro, the Personnel Administration of Montenegro, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Mediterranean Studies and the Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT.

Before the jury that will hold its first plenary session on 21st and concluded February 25th at the Hilton hotel, there will be no easy task due to the great competition and interest of the business community.

The expert jury consisted of:

Representatives of institutions and organizations: Chamber of Economy of Montenegro – Ivan Saveljić, Vice President; Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro – dr. Vinko Nikić, Board of Directors President; Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council MFIC – Christoph Schön, Board of Directors President; Faculty of Economics Podgorica – dr. Saša Popović, professor; Human Resources Management Authority – Jadranka Đurković, Assistant Director; Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT – Anica Maja Boljević, Executive Director; Faculty of Mediterranean Studies – dr. Nikola Dragomanović, professor; Association of Montenegrin Managers – Jelena Č. Milić, Supervisory Board President.

Last year’s laureates: Manager of the Year in Micro Enterprises – Xhemal Ravja, Executive Director of V.U. Veterinum; Manager of the Year in Small Enterprises – Radovan Radulović, Executive Director of Montenomaks C&L; Manager of the Year in Medium Enterprises – Mirjana Mijušković, Executive Director of Glosarij; Manager of the Year in large companies and joint stock companies – Dragan Bokan, Board of Directors President of the company Voli Trade; Manager of the Year of majority state-owned companies – Slobodan Stanišić, Executive Director of Radio Diffusion Center; Manager of the Year in Public Institutions and Local Administrations – Miomir M. Mugoša, Director of Tax Administration of Montenegro; Young Manager of the Year (up to 35 years old) – Miloš Golubović – Executive Director of Veletex; Manager of the Year – Lifetime Achievement Award – Miodrag Gomilanović; Entrepreneur of the Year – Goran Đurović, Executive Director of Cerovo; Best Institution for Education of Managers – Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business (UDG) – dr. Maja Drakić Grgur – dean.