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World Telecommunications and Information Society Day

On May 17, 1865, the first International Telegraph Convention was signed. On the same day (for obvious reason and not accidentally), in Paris, in 1969, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) was formed, on whose proposal the United Nations Assembly (UN) issued a resolution (A/RES/60/252) in 2006, which prescribed that World Information Society Day should be celebrated on the same day as well.

Every May 17th is an opportunity to talk more about raising awareness about how much use of the Internet and information and communication technologies can significantly contribute to the development of the society as a whole and its digital transformation.

The Digital Transformation Board of the Association of Montenegrin Managers (ODT), which was formed less than a year ago, has a program task and defined goals to promote the values ​​of digital society through its activities and help companies and institutions on the way of digital transformation.

In human history, energy was an inviolable resource necessary not only for life, but for the development of human society. From the energy of the sun, fire, water to oil, human society used natural phenomena and adjusted them to their needs, trying to entrap, transform, adjust and control them. INFORMATION AS A RESOURCE. Throughout the history, the amount of information has been growing exponentially and in the last fifty years it has been generated more than in the past 5000 years. Since 1985, the amount of information in the world has been doubled every five years, and today this period is shorter. The need for more efficient management of analytics, application and distribution of information resulted in the development of computers in the late 1940s. It is the beginning of the new digital era and the fourth industrial revolution that is the industry 4.0, as it is called by informatics. This is the beginning of the digital transformation of mankind.

Digital transformation is the fastest way toward the information society. All elements of importance for the development of the information society are at the same time the preconditions for its digital transformation:

–            Development, availability and accessibility of telecommunication infrastructure, ie its segments that enable and defy Internet access;

–            Development and accessibility of state administration services, local self-governments, banks and other financial institutions, as well as companies from the field of production, trade, tourism and service activities;

–            The existing legal framework, its improvement and adaptation to the dynamic changes brought by the digitization of all elements of social and economic life;

–            Intensive development of human resources, dynamic changes in the education system, continuous education of citizens and companies through elements of formal and non-formal education and continuous promotion of the information society

–            Development of IT sector in Montenegro

Montenegro has achieved remarkable results in digitalization in recent years, primarily in the field of digital infrastructure construction, especially telecommunications. We are advancing in the number and quality of digital services available to citizens and the economy, but it is necessary to work on raising the level of IT education, as well as IT culture as a whole.

In the following period, ODT will organize several workshops and lectures on digitalization in Podgorica and Pljevlja.