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Biggest with the most successful ones!

Operator number one in Montenegro by the number of users of the mobile network, the company M:tel is the main sponsor of the award ceremony to the most successful managers and entrepreneurs for 2018, sponsored by the Government of Montenegro. The ceremony will take place on Monday, April 15 at the Hilton Podgorica Montenegro hotel, starting at 10h. 

According to the CEO of M:tel. Mr. Vladimir Lučić, the company realized a net profit of 6.7 million euros last year, 20 percent more than in 2017, while revenues exceed six percent and amount to 73 million euros. This result was achieved thanks to the increase in the number of users, both in the mobile and the fixed network. Regarding fixed internet and television, they increased the number of users by 30 percent compared to 2017.

Operating profit, before depreciation and taxation, was record-breaking and amounted to 29 million euros. So far, M:tel has invested 290 million euros in infrastructure, out of which foreign direct investments amounted to 122 million euros, while the rest was financed from the company’s income. So M:tel is one of the biggest investments in Montenegro in the last 12 years.

Such a positive trend was achieved by investing in employees and increasing their number to 480.
M:tel became the market leader in the mobile network in February, with a 33.8 percent share, which is a rare example.
Company M:tel gives constant support to the work, activities and development of the Association of Montenegrin Managers.