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New activities of the AMM Board for Education, Training and HR

The first HR Meet Up was held in Montenegro

“Successful companies – successful teams” was the topic of the first HR Meet Up, organized by the Association of Montenegrin Managers and HR Partners.

The event brought together HR professionals, as well as all those who work in their companies from HR domains.


At the invitation of the Association of Managers of Montenegro and HR Partners, the first HR Meet Up in Montenegro, held in Podgorica, in the premises of the Rise Up Training Center, responded the most prominent Montenegrin companies which in their business attach the strategic importance to the human resources development and services that deal with it.

All participants had an undivided opinion that the role of HR professionals is of invaluable importance for the development of business and business culture, as well as the fact that the initiative of the Association of Managers for networking and the gathering of HR community in Montenegro came across general support, with several companies running to host the next gathering.

The President of the Association of Montenegrin Managers, Mr. Budimir Raickovic, expressed readiness for continuous support to this initiative of strategic importance for the Montenegrin society and development of the HR profession, which is used by small number of individuals and only the strongest and most successful companies which give an example to others.

Slavoljub Popadic, executive director of Rudnik Uglja, Pljevlja and CEO of the AMM CEO Forum, believes that the reputation and role of the HR profession is not valued in the right way in Montenegro and that there is no successful and well-organized company which does not invest in people, company culture and services which is a professional task. He also pointed to the necessity of mutual support between top management and HR professionals which in the long run, guarantees responsible management and sustainable business development.

Anđela Radosavović, Executive Director of AMM, pointed out that the formation of the Committee for Education, Training and HR and its activities through such and similar forms was an excellent initiative of the Association and its efforts towards further development of human resources and the profession involved.

Participants gave encouragement to representatives of small and medium business to not leave the case the development of people, as this can be crucial for the success and sustainability of the business.

At the meeting it was discussed about the necessity of working on improving team and company culture, the numerous and growing challenges facing HR professionals as well as HR tools that in a proven effective way help in the development of teams, individuals and management styles.

From Company HR Partners said that the response and representativeness of the meeting showed the following:

  • Primarily, that the world of work and the world of education has forever and irretrievably changed and requires a completely new approach in which the key values are INNOVATIVITY, TEAM SPIRIT, LIFE-LONG LEARNING, BUSINESS SKILLS, PERSONAL AND BUSINESS EXCELLENCE.
  • Because of all the changes that have taken place, due to the growing and often unforeseen demands of business, challenges for HR professionals are growing, so we can freely say – Farewell to the old way of working!
  • Finally, dealing with human resources – is definitely one of the most needed professions in the 21st century!

A significant number of companies have confirmed to the organizers of this gathering, their joing into the initiative and the next gatherings of this type.

Datum: Wednesday October 4th, 2017