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The lecture of Mr. Zoran Ilić, entitled “Stress manager – Between dependence and resistance”

Mr. Ilić, a professional coach and psychotherapist, will give a lecture on the subject “Stress manager – Between dependence and resistance” in hotel “Podgorica”, on Tuesday 25th of octobar,  starting at 18: 00h.

At the end of this interactive workshop you will receive practical tools to overcome the cycle of dependency, boost resistance to stress, as well as a set of instructions to run a business marathon  with a minimum of stress.

Do you like stress?

“Stress is the spice of life or kiss of death. In a small amount stress can be beneficial, but when we are overwhelmed by it, it’s often to late to change anything. Why do some managers become addicted to stress? What are the danger alert and how to recognize them? Managers work hard and as time goes by, they have less influence and lose motivation. They often move in 3 vicious circles: the more they work , the more they are need to solve more problems, the greater the loss of focus – the greater the burden on business, the more the impact on the associates are, it is easier to give up. Creating dependent and obedient collaborators, overload and loss of motivation can be overcome. How to motivate the change and how to persevere in it? ”

Gallery from the lecture of Mr. Zoran Ilić


Date: 25/10/2016

Tags: Past Events

Datum: Tuesday October 25th, 2016