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First autumn gathering – Lecture of Ivan Kokeza on the subject “The manager or leader” – Hotel ” Podgorica ”, Thursday, 29th of September, starting at 6:00 PM.

Association of Managers is organizing the first autumn gathering, on which the guest will be Mr. Ivan Kokeza, who in the opinion of the participants of the Congress was one of the most memorable lecturers.

Mr. Kokeza, consultant of a large number of international companies, will give a lecture on the subject “The manager or leader” in  hotel ” Podgorica ”, on Thursday, 29th of September. starting at 6 PM.

The lecture will be interesting and original because:

  • Points to the differences in leadership styles of managers and leaders;
  • Explains the basic brain processes in decision making (Neuroleadership);
  • Analyzes common features of the world-renowned leaders in various fields;
  • Removes all the myths and fairy tales about born leaders and leadership courses as a quick fix solutions;
  • Clearly shows that leadership, like everything else, has to be learned;
  • Clarifies the necessity of having a mentor, as well as the relationship between leader and follower;
  • Presents its own methodology SAIL that helps managers to become leaders.

Datum: Thursday September 29th, 2016