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Leadership of Association of Montenegrin Managers speaks with PM Marković

Podgorica, Montenegro (6 November 2017) — In today’s talks with the leadership of the Association of Montenegrin Managers, Prime Minister Duško Marković expressed his willingness to cooperate with this organisation in the implementation of Government policies. The space for cooperation is recognised in the possibility for the Association of Managers to give opinions and initiatives in creating personnel decisions in the Government bodies and state administration bodies.

Prime Minister Marković expressed his satisfaction with the meeting with the leadership of the Association of Managers, assessing that there is never enough initiatives and activities that aim to create new values and evaluation of development resources. Prime Minister Marković briefed his counterparts on the results achieved by the Government, stressing the fact that the business community in Montenegro is encouraged by the results achieved, giving the Government additional impetus to continue its activities, with the best use of internal potential and ingagement of domestic capital. Of course, the investment of foreign investors is of great importance for the economic development of Montenegro.

President of the Association of Montenegrin Managers Budimir Raičković thanked the prime Minister for hosting the leadership of the Association and expressed satisfaction with the fact that the Government recognised the values and possibilities of this organisation.

On behalf of the organisation he represents, Mr. Raičković said that the business environment in Montenegro was improved as a result of the implementation of Government policies, emphasising that the business community is encouraged by this fact.

He noted that the Association focuses on human resources, assessing that there is no development without good staff. “We made an interaction between the private, public and non-governmental sectors,” Mr. Raičković said, adding that his organisation can contribute in achieving better efficiency of state administration.

Members of the leadership of the Association of Montenegrin Managers recalled the previous cooperation with some government bodies and pointed out the need for the representatives of this organisation to get involved in the work of some other government bodies.

In the end, Prime Minister Marković expressed his full openness for cooperation with the Association of Montenegrin Managers, considering the synergetic effects of such cooperation.

Executive Director Anđela Radosavović, as well as Vice Presidents Radovan Radulović and Vinko Nikić, were also in the delegation of the Association of Montenegrin Managers.