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The Management Board of the AMM decided to announce the Public Invitation for the ” Election of the most successful managers and entrepreneurs for 2017″

Awards will be assigned in categories:

  1. Manager of the year in micro enterprises
  2. Manager of the year in small enterprises
  3. Manager of the year in medium enterprises
  4. Manager of the year in big enterprises and joint stock companies
  5. Project Manager of the year (best project management)
  6. Manager of the year in State majority-owned companies
  7. Manager of the year in Public institutions and Local Government
  8. Junior Manager of the year (under 35 years old)
  9. Manager of the year – Lifework accomplishments
  10. Entrepreneur of the year
  11. Best institution for education and coaching

Proposals can be made by the members and partners of AMM, business associations, companies, employees and unions, public institutions, local governments, professional organizations and individuals on our Email with the code “Candidature”.

The competition procedure is conducted by an expert jury.
Representatives of institutions and organizations: 
Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Ivan Saveljić, Vice President
Montenegrin Employers Federation, Svetlana Vuksanović, President
Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro, dr Vinko Nikić, President of the Board of the Directors – Jury President
Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council, Christoph Schön, President of the Board of the Directors
Faculty of Economics, Prof. dr Saša Popović, Professor
Faculty for Mediterranean Studies, dr Nikola Dragomanović, Professor
The Human Resources Management Authority, Jadranka Đurković, Assistant Director
The supervisory board of AMM, Jelena Č. Milić, President
Fund for active Citizenship, – fAKT, Anica – Maja Boljević, Executive Director

Last year’s laureates:
Mesopromet doo – Hilmija Franca, Managing Director
Okov doo – Gojko Bajović, Managing Director
Faculty of Economics – Nikola Milović, Dean
JZU Dom Zdravlja Podgorica – Nebojša Kavarić, Director
Manager of the year in State majority – owned enterprises for the 2016 – Dragan Laketić
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Milan J. Perović, Professor
Bemax doo – Veselin M. Kovačević, Executive Director
Nikšićki Mlin ad – Mitar Jokić, Executive Director
D Photo Trade doo – Dragan Babić, Executive Director
Bild Studio doo – Tarik Zaimović, Executive Director
Neregelia doo – Ljilja Pižurica, Executive Director
Mtel doo – Vladimir Lučić, Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the AMM elected Dr Vinko Nikic, Chief Executive Officer of Lovćen banka, as president of the jury.

Final registration date is the 28th February 2018.

Criteria for awards assign are companies business results for 2017 and candidates business biography.

The awards will be presented to the winners at the gala ceremony of the AMM, which will be held on 27th April 2018.

On the following link, you can watch the video of awarding awards to the most successful managers and entrepreneurs in 2016.

Last year’s laureates

Datum: Friday December 29th, 2017