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Association of managers

Managers Association is an association of professionals who are engaged in management positions . Achieves its goals through educational projects , creating contacts and through joint work on improving the managerial profession . We are members of the European Confederation of Managers

Who are our members

Our members are prominent managers from the business world , public administration , non-governmental organizations , sports, cultural institutions ... Members of the Association may be foreign nationals who are business related to Montenegro or want to contribute to the work and activities of the Association

Why become a member

Membership in the Association is an opportunity to become part of the real business of the club , where you will be able to receive benefits that will assist in the professional development and business management . Our members work together and socialize , there by jointly improve the managerial profession

          Ministarstvo ekonomije smatra da je komunikacija sa predstavnicima poslovnog  sektora i izvršne vlasti, s...
A delegation of the Association of Montenegrin Managers was a guest at the ceremony of the Croatian Association of...
Podgorica će 17. i 18. novembra biti domaćin liderima asocijacija menadžera iz regiona. Asocijacija menadžera Crne Gore je pokretač...
Become a member of the Association of Managers of Montenegro

Become a member of the Association of Managers of Montenegro

AMM is open for managers in business, public administration, civil society, culture, sports...