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Mission,Vision and Objectives

Mission, Vision and Objectives


The development and improvement of managerial profession and the business environment in Montenegro, through the exchange of knowledge and experience, respecting professional standards and code of ethics.


The strong association of successful professionals who, by sharing knowledge and experience, support and partner managers and society.


The main objective of the Association of Managers is to be a representative association of professionals working in management positions, and that its activities continue with the ideas of the Montenegrin Confederation of Managers, the first Association of Managers formed on the territory of Montenegro, and that as such it contributes to economic and social development of the country.

Their goals Association of Managers realized through the following activities:

  • active participation in the process of improving the economic, business and social environment
  • present and represent the interests of the managers of the association members at home and abroad
  • active participation in decision-laws and bylaws regarding the position and interests of managers
  • the formation and strengthening of professional associations Managers of the Association

Education of Association members

  • carry out lobbying and organized influence on economic policy makers, in order to improve the economic situation
  • establishment of professional standards in the field of managerial profession and Ethics Code
  • representation of members, ie their profession, communication and cooperation with other organizations and institutions
  • create and maintain a network with other associations and institutions at home and abroad
  • implementation of the “Millennium Leaders” as a strategic commitment of the Association in order to managers of different professions, the normal performance of accept and implement the concept and philosophy of leadership at various levels of management in companies, institutions and other organizations. Permanent implementation of the “Millennium leader” will be aimed at managers as individuals working on their continuous improvement, contributing to the results of companies, institutions and organizations in which they work, but also economic and social development of the country
  • realization of the project and other professional tasks in order to achieve the interests of the Association with special activities aimed at the establishment and regular maintenance of international congresses and conferences as well as managers of managers of southeast Europe as an integral part, with the goal of Congress managers of southeast Europe has its permanent headquarters in Montenegro as a recognizable tourist and congress destination
  • cooperation with other organizations, institutions and individuals from home and abroad
  • establishing cooperation and partnership relations with similar associations of managers from other countries
  • organization of educational events (seminars, conferences, workshops, training sessions …) with the aim of educating and connecting members
  • exercising intensifying cooperation with scientific and professional institutions and organizations at home and abroad
  • publishing, as well as publishing articles and written documents in professional journals, newspapers, portals, etc.
  • other activities, in accordance with the laws of Montenegro, and in the interest of achieving the goals of the Association.