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Why to become our member?

Why to become our member?

Membership in the Association is the opportunity to become part of the real business club, where you will be able to receive benefits that will assist in the professional development and business management.

Some of the benefits that you get from membership in the Association are:

Networking – the convenience of collaboration, connectivity, learning and socializing with AMM members, prominent CG managers

Networking offers to our members the possibility of using the AMM members base, business cooperation and exchange of ideas and management techniques based on best practices and practices of AMM members. It is also an opportunity to identify the best solutions in certain areas of management and to apply those solutions to your own company. The guiding principle is “Teaching others and learning from others through casual socializing”. The meetings and socializing of the members are held regularly, usually every 15 days.

Participation in events and conferences organized by the AMM.

AMM organizes interesting lectures in the field of management, with the participation of domestic and foreign experts. AMM members have priority to participate in these events and they have special discount on payment. AMM periodically organizes working breakfasts and similar events, in which the current topics from the economy are discussed in the presence of officials from the Government and the media.

Access to selected documents and news on management and management.

AMM monitors, selects and shares  on its website  interesting texts from the sphere of management, which are published in national and international portals. The texts are published in the original but also to the translated form.

Membership of the European Association of Managers (CEC) and the right to use their services.

AMM members have the right to access knowledge bases collected from partner organizations (primarily CEC but also CROMA and SAM …). AMM members will be able to share suggestions or ask questions to experts CEC or regional organizations.

AMM WLB – Work and Life Balance organization of specific managerial events

AMM will periodically organize gatherings and activities like hiking, rafting and tennis tournaments for members of the AMM and their families. AMM will also organize  special sessions and lectures on the topic of WLB.

Possibility of professional and interest activity.

Through the activities and projects AMM its possible to influence the legislative acts and the overall economic environment.

Protection of the Status and Material Rights of Managers – Managerial Contracts

AMM will, through its Management and Executive Committee and through the use of practices in the region, define a set of documents that will be useful to managers in carrying out thair everyday tasks, and if necessary, AMM will provide legal and logistical support to members.

Networking with associations of interest from the region (Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina …). AMM will help you participate in events that are organized by similar associations from the region (CEC CROMA, SAM …) in terms of establishing business cooperation of mutual interest.