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Managers supported improving education

Minister of Education Dr Damir Šehović and President of the Association of Montenegrin Managers Budimir Raičković signed a Cooperation Protocol, which envisages, among other things, cooperation in training of students, as well as training for managers in the field of education with the focus on directors, joint discussions and round tables, and increased cooperation between education and the global business sector. It was also agreed project develompment through which the best final year students at the faculty would receive a mentor from the top of the business sector, in order to develop their business and management skills.

As the Minister said: “The Ministry of Education appreciates that cooperation with the economy sector is significant in terms of increasing the future management capacity of high school and university students. Namely, high school students are potential managers of their own businesses, just like high school students, and they need direct contact with the economy. Also, compulsory practice has already been introduced to all faculties in the amount of 25%, and we expect even more intensive cooperation with the business sector in order to carry out the practice.”

Šehović concluded: “The signing of the Protocol is an opportunity for the Association of Managers to contribute to the strengthening of our educational system and knowledge, which would be directed to school administrations. Because, in addition to knowledge of teaching and education, for directors who manage systems with several hundred or even thousands of children and a large number of employees, continuous training is needed in terms of motivating staff, internal and external communication, overcoming problems, etc.”

Mr Raičković stated: “If we are talking about economic and social prosperity then education is certainly one of the cornerstones of this development. We see the signing of the Protocol with the Ministry of Education as an opportunity for the Association of Montenegrin Managers to contribute to the reforms of our educational system and we appreciate that without correlation of business and education, a quality step towards the preparation of our human resources, ie. new generations to take over the development of our country, cannot be achieved.”

The Association of Managers is a business organisation of managers, entrepreneurs, companies and institutions that support its work. She continued with the ideas of the Montenegrin Confederation of Managers, the first organization of managers formed in the territory of Montenegro.