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Interview of the Executive Director Andjela Radosavovic for Exclusive Magazin

  1. You are the Director of the Association of Montenegrin Managers and the Secretary General of the Association of Managers of Southeast Europe, how demanding are the functions you perform and which goals you set as your personal and business priorities? (Why do you enjoy your job?)

Being in the operational sense at the head of such institutions is in itself demanding and responsible because the business community recognizes you, which implies a kind of sacrifice of part of your privacy. Diverse membership structure, international connections and complex economic and social environment bring with them a variety of jobs and tasks ranging from daily communications, organization of various events, meetings not only for members but also for the top management of AMM, which requires great focus and commitment.

All of the above makes me satisfied because it gives me the opportunity to progress personally, gain new business contacts and collaborate with people from whom I can really learn a lot.

When it comes to priority goals, I am personally and business-oriented focused on personal progress, and I am unequivocally committed to making a full contribution together with the top management and membership to make the Association one of the strongest and most influential institutions.

  1. The corona virus has made big turbulence in the business world. As the Association of Managers, how do you respond to the challenges imposed by the epidemic?

As you know, AMM was among the first to announce a serious economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and we especially drew attention to the fact that it will have a strong impact on the Montenegrin economy and tourism as a leading branch. Unfortunately, we were right and prepared for what is to come, so we focused our work and activities on initiatives that we sent intensively, through the form of our recommendations, to the Government of Montenegro. In addition, in order to help our membership, we have organized a number of important online conferences and webinars, and also through regular communication with members, we are gathering information about the problems they face, trying to help them, within our capabilities. Shortly our respons is: a proactive approach, adapting our business and actions, as well as openness to all membership initiatives in this very challenging time.

  1. What makes a successful manager in the 21st century?

A successful manager of the 21st century is made up of knowledge, competence, results, teamwork, and it seems to me the most, empathy for the people in the team. It is especially important that the manager of the new age must be ready for his own, I would say daily education and following trends because a certain way of management that was valid in some older times is absolutely not adequate for the new age. A special feature of a successful manager is openness and willingness to listen to the arguments of his associates and to adapt to the team he manages, and not the other way around.

  1. And a good manager must be a good leader. Your function connects both. What qualities have defined you as a leader?

Depending on the position, whether it is senior or middle management, a good manager should strive for the adoption of leadership skills, and for organizations or companies, it is good if the leading people are versed in both senses. It’s true that my function requires a combination of managerial and leadership skills, which I need to continue working on. I am certainly glad if a part of the public, and especially the business community, recognizes me as a young leader of this organization, which additionally obliges me. Recognition of the results of the work by colleagues from the Association is the biggest compliment for me, and I want to emphasize the importance and support of the people from the AMM Presidency who gave me a chance to progress.

  1. You said: Believe in yourself, happiness accompanies the brave! Do you base your life and business philosophy on that?

This question is very inspiring and important to me.

I define courage as expressing an attitude and acting in accordance with it. My position as a young businesswoman is that both in business and in private, we must stand behind our goals, without looking behind at well-meaning and less well-meaning “advice”, especially in conservative environments such as Montenegro until recently, but fortunately, it is changing. Personally, I try not to let anyone decide my business and private path, but to make my own decisions.

Courage is the essence of a woman’s success to be equal and to break taboos and established ways of thinking, to step ambitiously and correctly towards achieving her goals while overcoming her fears.

  1. In addition to work, what life pleasures are your interests focused on, what is your special joy?

The moments spent with family and close friends are an immeasurable joy for me, with an endless dose of jokes and laughter, as well as quality music, a good book or a movie.