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Panel “Security in the light of digital transformation” – June 26, Hotel Podgorica, 10 – 13h

The Digital Transformation Committee of the Association of Montenegrin Managers is organizing the panel Security in the light of the digital transformation, which will be held on June 26 at the Hotel Podgorica, from 10-13h.

Digital transformation is a topic that is “burning” today, when we are surrounded daily by the need to provide users of our services timely information, service or product, both in the private and the social sector and the competition does not sleep.

Also, in a world where everything slowly becomes digital, there are dangers that are lurking, which are an integral part of the new environment that is changing dynamically and needs to be adapted dynamically.

Technological time in which we live and work, how to approach problems, how to solve them, what are the challenges and what certain processes carry and bring in the future will be the topics of speeches that will be held by experts in the field of security and digital transformation process: Nena Dabić – Security TeleGroup; Dejan Tomović – Chief of ICT National Security Agency; Zoran Stanišić – Technical Director of M:tel; Aleksandar Vratonjić Gligorijević – Licensed Consultant for digital transformation; Dmitar Ćulafić – Security Expert – RA Manager Deloitte; moderator Dragoslav Kenić – Security Expert, CTO Čikom.

We are confident that this topic will cause dialogue not only among the panelists but also among you who each day encounter with the technologies that surround us and the benefits and problems that they bring.

There is no fee for this event.