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The Second DigitalOn concluted with message: Create a Digital Coalition for Digital Montenegro

The second Montenegrin Digital Summit “DigitalOn”, organized by the Digital Transformation Committee of the Association of Montenegrin Managers, once again showed that digital transformation is our reality, future and common goal.

The summit marked an impressive number of close to 200 attendees and was implemented in partnership with the Ministries of Public Administration, Science, Economy, Education, Health, as well as with Human Resources Directorate, Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Foreign Investors Council, AmCham and others.

Opening the sammit, the President of the Association of Managers, on behalf of the AMM, the summit participants and his name, expressed his condolences regarding casualties and consequences of the earthquake in Albania.

Raičković emphasized that his answer on the question “Digitization now or immediately?”, would be “yesterday”. Why? “If we lag behind advanced technologies and the advanced world, we will not take the chance objectively of Montenegro. We organized the summit because of desire for synergy – the synergy of everyone working on this, starting with state institutions, local governments, companies, businesses and NGOs, because I think digital transformation is a process that primarily entails a change in mindset. The expectations of the summit are as follows: let’s hear what has been done, what are the problems and challenges. I really expect that we will send serious conclusions to the Government of Montenegro and all actors in the society and show that in Montenegro synergy is essential for many things.” The Summit has been supported by the Ministry of Public Administration for the second consecutive year. “Digital transformation is becoming one of the most important tasks of society as a whole, in which all participants must be aware that without a crucial transformation of our consciousness, our way of doing business, our knowledge and skills, digitalization cannot be enough to thrive in an accelerated modern world. Using smartphones and business IT solutions is no longer a sufficient measure of the true progress and development of a digital society. It must be based on innovation, quality and sustainable IT solutions that will be able to follow technological developments and change the way we do business in both public administration and the business sector. New business opportunities brought by digital transformation can only be created by a quality and sustainable legal framework that recognizes the circumstances of digital change,” said Minister Pribilović in her opening address. The Minister of Science Sanja Damjanović expressed contentment that the economy sector is the initiator of this conference. She believes that the economy itself is the engine of state development, together with the science that constantly encourages the development of new technologies that lead to successful transformations of society. “First of all I am pleased that the Ministry of Science has played a significant role at this summit. Although we have the name Ministry of Science, we are also dealing with innovation, so here we had the opportunity to present a series of activities that are important for strengthening our innovation ecosystem, which actually goes towards making Montenegro competitive in this era of the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0. We cannot stay behind because we have great potential. There is one big synergy here today and what is very important is that digitalization is one of the top topic lately. So, we need to create a synergy with our innovative and academic community, which is the key of our economy,” said Minister Damjanović. “This summit has indeed shown that there is strength and energy in Montenegro to work together on digital transformation,” said Vladan Tabaš, President of the AMM’s Digital Transformation Committee. “We have definitely succeeded. We had twice as many entries as last year. Only limited capacity forced us to close the possibility of reporting a few days before the summit.” Tabaš added. The Association of Managers calls on the IT sector, the banking and telecommunications sectors, the education and academia, the NGO sector and certainly government institutions, especially the ministries of public administration, economy, finance, science and education, to join forces, knowledge and resources and support the idea of ​​creating the so-called Digital Coalitions for Digital Montenegro, whose synergistic effect would be a guarantee of successful digital transformation.

Mr. Raičković, President of the Association, announced that the AMM Executive Board has decided to award Mtel special recognition -Digital Leader for 2019, in order to further promote the digital transformation process, because of the outstanding results and contributions this company made and continuosly makes in this field, as well as support for all activities of the Association of Managers of Montenegro. 

The Executive Board of AMM will also soon appoint a digital ambassador.